Department of Biochemistry
Email ID:
Telephone number:
Extension number: 2357
Staff details:
Sr.No. Name of the staff Designation Permanent/contractual Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr.(Smt) L.G. Abichandani Professor and Head Permanent 9820900807
2 Dr. N.G. Joshi Associate professor Permanent 9422536189
3 Dr. S.A. Mujawar Associate professor Permanent 8097407891
4 Dr.(Smt) S.M. Dalvi Associate professor Permanent 9892182028
5 Dr.(Smt) N.I. Guha Niyogi Associate professor Permanent 9820186367
6 Dr. (Smt) R.B. Bhogade Assistant Professor Permanent 9921447444
7 Mr. R.B. Rajekar Assistant Professor Permanent 9769166365
8 Dr. P. R. Kambale Assistant Professor Permanent 7709474828
9 Dr. Dipti Tiwari Assistant Professor contractual 7045 704122
10 Dr. Nikhil Choudhari Assistant Professor contractual 8898128898
11 Dr.M. G. Bangar Assistant Professor contractual 7972603547
12 Smt A.A. Kolte Stenographer Permanent 8976624710 ———-
13 Mr. G. R. Kangne Clerk cum Typist Permanent 9702554923 ———-
14 Mrs. R. Bhivapure Biochemist Permanent 9819212653 ———-
15 Mrs. P. Masurkar Biochemist Permanent 9869360646 ———-
16 Mr. S. Lokhande Biochemist Permanent 9594037449 ———-
17 Mr. R.M. Posture Lab. Technician Permanent 9652701918
18 Mr. B.P. Bandarkar Lab. Technician Permanent 9892190915 ———-
19 Mr. S. Pandhre Lab. Technician Permanent 9870484407 ———-
20 Mr. Momin Lab. Technician Permanent 9969652414 ———-
21 Mr. S. Nalawade Lab. Technician Permanent 9260078180 ———-
22 Mr. M. Joshi Lab. Technician Permanent 9221478486 ———-
23 Mr. R. Misale Lab. Technician Permanent 9821504452 ———-
24 Mr. R. Ghosalkar Lab. Technician Permanent 8779267181 ———-
25 Mr.V.  Pujari Lab. Technician Permanent 9158851853 ———-
26 Mr. Mangala Gorde Lab. Technician Permanent 9869223658
27 Mrs. D. Mandlekar Lab. Technician Permanent 9892201583
28 Mr. D. Deshmukh Lab. Technician Permanent 975411488 ——–
29 Mrs. M. Dabhi Lab. Technician Contractual 8355901742 ——–
30 Mr. Chougule Lab. Technician Permanent 9867091970 ——–
31 Mr. C. Naik Lab. Technician Permanent ——– ——–
32 Mr.A. Gole Lab. Technician Permanent 9820857541 ——–
33 Mr.A. Patil Lab. Technician Permanent 9869208481 ——–
34 Mr.S. Vibhute Lab. Technician Permanent 9970810330 ——–
35 Mr.G. Bane Lab. Technician Permanent 8291088014 ——–
36 Mr.S. Gavand Lab. Technician Permanent 9870274642 ——–
37 Mrs. M. Tiwari Lab. Technician Permanent 9594943405
38 Mr.V.Shirke Lab. Technician Permanent 8652103737
39 Mr. Patade Lab. Technician Permanent ——– ——–
40 Mrs. P. Sawant Lab. Assistant Permanent 9870333208
41 Mr. A.Sawant Lab. Assistant Permanent 9702237626
42 Mr. D. Pathade Lab. Assistant Permanent ——– ——–
43 Mrs. A. Adhal Lab. Assistant Permanent 9702142917
44 Mr. S. Chodnekar Lab. Assistant Permanent 8767964344 ——–
45 Mr. J. Gangurde Lab. Assistant Permanent 8692895008 ——–
46 Mr. Kiran Parmar Lab. Assistant Permanent 9321818089 ——–
47 Mr. D. Payghan Lab. Assistant Permanent 8082449841 ——–
48 Mr. S. Mahagaonkar Lab. Assistnt Permanent ——– ——–
49 Mr. S. Shivgan Lab. Assistnt Permanent 7208437986 ——–
50 Mr. H. Patekar Lab. Assistnt Permanent 9769518701 ——–
51 Mr.J.Valantra Lab. Assistnt Permanent 8424006768 ——–
52 Mr. S. Mandhre Lab.  Attendant Permanent 9594119651 ——–
53 Mrs. K. Telure Lab. Attendant Permanent 9224391362 ——–
54 Mrs. V. Rohekar Lab. Attendant Permanent 8422998142 ——–
55 Mr. R. Renose Lab. Attendant Permanent 9969180014 ——–
56 Mrs. S. Kamble Lab. Attendant Permanent 8693823280 ——–
57 Mrs. R. Devenpalli Lab. Attendant Permanent 9920682307 ——–
58 Mrs. A. Bange Lab. Attendant Permanent 9930482016 ——–
59 Mrs. S. Jadhav Lab. Attendant Permanent 8655442303 ——–
60 Mrs. M. Pardhi Lab. Attendant Permanent 9322109674 ——–
61 Mr. R. Gaikwad Lab. Attendant Permanent 8108362413 ——–
62 Mrs. S.Gaikwad Lab. Attendant Permanent 8879940903 ——–
63 Mr. S. Kadam Lab. Attendant Contractual 8097562177 ——–
64 Mrs. M. Solanki Sweeper Permanent 9326550893 ——–
65 Mr. Dinesh Solanki Sweeper Permanent 9820464044 ——–
PG student details: (M.D. Biochemistry)
Sr.No. Name of Post-graduate Year (from-to) Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr. Nilaya Patil 2016-2019 8308822597
2 Dr. Azim Junaidi 2016-2019 8149573910
3 Dr. Preeti Karvande 2016-2019 8421616797
4 Dr. Megha Nandanwar 2017-2020 9975687266
5 Dr. Jyotiraditya Patil 2018-2021 9096860424
6 Dr. Suchit Barpatre 2018-2021 7893249214
Services provided to the patients: Particulars Total number for year 2018
1 Investigations Services in Central Clinical Laboratory:
Sugar,Urea,Creatinine,SGOT,SGPT,Bilirubin,LDH,Amylase,Body Fluid,Total Protein,Albumin,Globulin,Alkaline Phosphatase,Uric acid,Calcium,Phosphorous,ABG analysis,Lipid Profile,Sodium ,Potassium ,Chloride,Glucose Tolerance Test ,
2 Investigations Services in Special Laboratory:
TSH,T3,T4,Free,T3,Free,T4,Cortisol,LH,FSH,Prolactin,Testosterone, AFP, Insulin,Beta HCG,Vitamin,B12  ,PSA,CEA,Ferritin,Vitamin D, PTH
3 Investigation Services in PG Laboratory:
Protein Electrophoresis,Hb   Electrophoresis,Stone analysis ,Urine BJ Protein

Courses conducted for Students:

Sr.No. Courses conducted Number of students enrolled Batch
(year of admission)
1 MBBS 200 Every year
2 BDS 100 Every year
3 B.Sc. Paratmedical Technology (Lab.Technician) 50 2018
59 2017
47 2016
4 DMLT 12 Every year
5 B.Sc. Nursing (Basic and Post Basic) 110 Every year
Activities conducted for students by the Department:
Sr.No. Particulars Number of students who participated Students Batch
1 Under Graduate  students seminar 15 Organised every year
2 Under Graduate students  quiz 15 Organised every year
Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/ Events organised by the Department in the last 3 years
Sr.No. Particulars Dates when organised
1 CME on “Automation and quality management in clinical laboratory practice” 23/06/2017
Research Publications of last three years:
Sr.No. Title of the paper published Journal & Year of publication
1 Dr. L.G. Abichandani:
Cerebrospinal Fluid Adenosine Deaminase Activity : A valid Ancillary Test for Tubercular Meningitis.
International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry & Research 2016 : 3 (2) : 145-149
2 Dr. L.G. Abichandani:
Is there really a need  of vacuum tubes in blood specimen collection?
IJAR accepted for publication in February 2018
3 Dr. L.G. Abichandani:
Study of Biochemical Parameters in H1N1 Patients
IJAR accepted for publication in  February 2018
4 Dr. N. G. Joshi:
Effect of Nitric Oxide and Nitrotyrosine on
Mitochondria in Tuberculosis and MiliaryTuberculosis
International Journal of Recent Scientific Research. Feb 2017. Vol 8. Issue 22. Pg 15738 – 40.
5 Dr. N. G. Joshi:
Study of Nitrosative Stress in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research Vol 11 (3), 2017.
6 Dr. S. A. Mujawar:
Spectrum of β-Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia Diagnosed by Cation Exchange High Performance Liquid Chromatography in Different Communities of Mumbai District of Western India- A study from tertiary care hospital.
Saudi Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2017; 3(5) :383-387.
7 Dr. S. A. Mujawar:
Relationship Between Urinary Microalbumin and Allied Renal Function Tests in Children with Bronchopneumonia.
Journal of Medical Science and clinical Research 2017; 5(5):22349-22354.
8 Dr. S. A. Mujawar:
Serum Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as a Biochemical Marker of Adverse Pregnancy Outcome in Severe Preeclampsia
American Journal of Biochemistry 2018, 8(1): 13-17.
9 Dr. S. A. Mujawar:
Correlation of status of thyroid antibodies and thyrotropin hormone with prevalence of thyroid autoimmune disease in pregnancy
International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 2018 ; 6(7) : 2414-2417.
10 Dr. S. A. Mujawar:
Utility of Ovarian Tumor Marker Cancer Antigen-125 and Endocrine Hormonal Status in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Journal Diagnostic and Clinical Research, Oct 2018; 12(10): BC01-BC03.
11 Dr. Shubhangi M. Dalvi:
Study of benign oral lesions and serum vitamin levels in tobacco consumers
International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery 2017;3(3):661-665.
12 Dr. Shubhangi M. Dalvi:
Study of Prostate Specific Antigen, Alkaline Phosphatase and Vitamin B12 in Prostate Cancer.
International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review. 2018; 22(2): 1-7.
13 Dr. Shubhangi M. Dalvi:
Study of IL-6 And Vitamin D3 In Patients Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Indian Journal of Tuberculosis.
Indian Journal of Tuberculosis Accepted  May 2018
14 Dr. Shubhangi M. Dalvi:
Biochemical Evaluation Of Trigonnella Foenum-Graecum Seed Extract In Metabolic Syndrome.
Galore International Journal of Health Sciences and Research.2018;3(3):28-33
15 Dr. (Smt) N.I. Guha Niyogi:
Predictive value of serum Cystatin C in post-operative renal dysfunction following coronary artery bypass grafting
Medplus-International Medical Journal March 2017; 4(3): 373-378
16 Dr. (Smt) N.I. Guha Niyogi:
Study of serum Cystatin C, beta-2 microglobin and protein carbonyl in diabetic nephropathy
Medplus-International Medical Journal March 2017; 4(3): 387-393
17 Dr. (Smt) N.I. Guha Niyogi:
Evaluation of Serum Uric acid in Type two Diabetic nephropathy patients
International journal of clinical Biochemistry and research December 2017
18 Dr. R. B. Bhogade:
Nitric Oxide levels in periodontitis with relation to Obesity
International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research. 2016; 3(1): 50-4 .
19 Dr. P.R. Kambale:
Study of Vitamin D Receptor Gene Polymorphism (FokI, TaqI and ApaI) Among Prostate Cancer Patients in North India.
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research June 2017; 11(6): BC05-BC08.
20 Dr. P.R. Kambale:
A Study of Vitamin D Levels in Patients of Prostate Cancer
International Journal of Clinical
Biochemistry and Research. 2016;3(2):169-171.
21 Dr. P.R. Kambale:
Association of VDBP and CYP2R1 gene polymorphisms with vitamin D status in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome: a north Indian study.
European Journal of Nutrition   2018 Mar;57(2):703-711
22 Dr. Dr. Nikhil Choudhari:
Cerebrospinal fluid adenosine deaminase activity: A valid ancillary test for tubercular meningitis
International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research. 2016; 3(2): 145-49.
23 Dr. Megha Ganesh Bangar
Study of role of serum LDH in carcinoma of breast as a prognostic biomarker.
Medpulse: International journal of biochemistry.
Ongoing Research:
Sr.No. Particulars Timeline of the research Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Sickle Cell anemia control project Started :1st April 2007 Done
2 Nutritional, Hematological, Hormonal and  Anthropometric studies in Malnourished Children from different socioeconomic status from Dahanu, Region.
(MRHRU-ICMR linked project with medical  college)
Started: 2015 Done
PG Dissertations:
Sr.No. Title of Dissertation Name of PG students Year of submission of dissertation Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Study of serum Homocysteine and lipid profile in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus associaated with and without hypertension Dr. Azim Junaidi 2018 Done
2 Study of vitamin D status, lipid profile and Insulin resistance in patients of diabetes mellitus with abdominal obesity Dr. Nilaya Patil 2018 Done
3 Study of Biochemical parameters in polycystic ovarian syndrome Dr. Priti Karvande 2018 Done
4 Study of casual relation of vitamin D and Testosterone in prostate diseases Dr. Suchit Barapatre 2018 (Synopsis submitted) Done
5 Study of lipid profile and blood sugar level in fasting, post prandial 2 hrs and post prandial 6 hr in controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus Dr. Jyotiraditya Patil 2018 (Synopsis submitted) Done
6 Study of biochemical parameters in chronic kidney disease patients before and after hemodialysis Dr. Megha Nandanwar 2017 (Synopsis submitted) Done