Department of Anatomy
Email ID:
Telephone number:
Extension number: 2302/ 2355
Staff details:
Sr.No. Name of the staff Designation Permanent/contractual Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr. Deepak Joshi Professor & Head Permanent 8600016427
2 Dr. Ashwini Jadhav Professor Permanent 9822416967
3 Dr. Prasad Kulkarni Associate Professor Permanent 9223268431
4 Dr. Shabana Borate Associate Professor Permanent 9223547812
5 Dr. Vaishali Bondge Associate Professor Permanent 9223480090
6 Dr. Pradnya Gurude Associate Professor Adhovc 9765456208
7 Dr. Anant Shingare Associate Professor Adhovc 8378968077
8 Dr. Rashmi Sinha Assistant Professor Permanent 7710866906
9 Dr. Zeba Khan Assistant Professor Permanent 9920518481
10 Dr. Sunil Pundge Assistant Professor Permanent 8652410011
11 Dr Sachin Yadav Assistant Professor D.S.B 8652620925
12 Dr Prajakta Thete Assistant Professor D.S.B 8898881379
13 Ms. Renuka Kudtarkar Technician Permanent 9702513345
14 Mr. Annisudin Shaikh Technician Permanent 7045386677
17 Mr. Vilas Jadhav Asst.Technician Permanent 7304795990
18 Mr. Rajesh Jadhav Clerk Permanent 9702513345
19 Mr.Bhani Solanki Peon Permanent ———-
20 Punaji Ghode Mali Permanent ———–
21 Anil Howale Dissection room attendent Permanent ————-
22 Mr.Deepak Kamble Sweeper Permanent ———-
23 Smt Vidya Jadhav Lab Attendent Permanent ——-
24 Mr. Purnbhadur Chatri Attendent Permanent ——–
25 Mr Vishvnath Kamble Attendent Permanent ——–
26 Mr Prakash Jadhav Attendent Permanent ——-
27 Mr Sanjay Ghate Dissection room attendent Permanent —-
28 Mr Narottam Waghela Attendent Permanent ——
29 Mr.Nagesh Owhal Dissection room attendent Permanent ———–
PG student details:
Sr.No. Name of Post-graduate Year (from-to) Mobile number Email ID
Services provided to the patients: Particulars Total number for year 2018
1. Body donation- we accept body donation 24×7 28
2 Medicolegal cases reporting 22
3 Organ and Body donation Awareness programmes 15
4 Services in Genetic laboratory are temporarily suspended NIL
Courses conducted for Students:
Sr.No. Courses conducted Number of students enrolled Batch (year of admission)
1 First M.B.B.S 200 2018
2 First B.D.S 100 2018
3 BPMT 125 2018
4 BSc Nursing 50 2018
5 MD Anatomy 02 per year NIL
6 MSc Nursing 25 2018
7 Ph.D Medical Genetics 06 2011
Activities conducted for students by the Department:
Sr.No. Particulars Number of students who participated Students Batch
1 Essay competition – Organ donation 200 2018
2 Microteaching competition 50 2018
3 Elsevier Anatomy Quiz ( National level) 20 April 2017, scheduled for March 2019
4 State level Anatomy Quiz ( At N.K.P Salve, Nagpur) 02 2018
5 PG activities in the form of

  • Journal club
  • Vertical integration – Neurosurgery, ENT, Pulmonary Medicine.
  • Horizontal Integration – Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Physiology, Biochemistry
  • PG lectures for the MD Anatomy students of all BMC and Private Medical colleges of Mumbai.



6 Museum visits for school, college students
Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/ Events organised by the Department in the last 3 years
Sr.No. Particulars Dates when organised
1 CME- DNA Fingerprinting and its Medicolegal Aspects 18th April 2016
2 Virtual Lecture Series – 24 sessions organised for All the State Govt. Medical Colleges.
Nodal officer- Dr Deepak Joshi, Dr Shabana Borate
3 Neurosurgery Cadaveric workshops in collaboration with Anatomy department April 2016, April 2017 ,April 2018 and October 2018
5 General Surgery Cadaveric workshop in collaboration with Anatomy department Jan 2019
6 Discussion meetings with ‘ The Federation of Organ and Body Donation’ Twice a year
7 ‘PG Teacher’s Meet’ for PG teachers in Anatomy from All BMC, Private Medical Colleges of Mumbai. Dec 2015
Scheduled on Dec 2019.
Research Publications of last three years:
Sr.No. Title of the paper published Journal & Year of publication
1 Variation In Number & Diameter of Coronary Artery Ostia: A Combined Gross Anatomical & Angiographic Study Dr. Gourav Dadarao Thakre , Dr. Vaishali v. Inamdar , Dr. Deepak s. Joshi. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS) e-ISSN: 2279-0853, p-ISSN: 2279-0861.Volume 16, Issue 5 Ver. XI (May. 2017), PP 08-11
2 Morphometric Sexual Dimorphism of Frontal Air Sinus: ACT Study. Pradnesh N. Panshewdikar, Gaurav Thakre, Deepak Joshi,Baig M.M IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, Vol 16, Issue 6, June 2017.
3 Proximal femoral geometry in cadaveric femora and its clinical significance. Dr Imran Syed, Dr D.S.Joshi, Dr C.V.Diwan International Journal of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, Vol 4, Issue 7, July 2017.
4 Proximal femoral geometry and its clinical relevance in Indians – A radiological study. . Dr Imran Syed, Dr D.S.Joshi, Dr C.V.Diwan Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology Jan- March 2018.
5 Morphometriic Sexual Dimorphism of Tibial Tuberosity in Maharashtra, Pradnesh N. Panshewdikar, P.R.Kulkarni, Deepak Joshi, P.B.Hosmani Indian Journal of Anatomy, Vol 6, No.3, Nov 2017
6 Identification of sex from Carotid canal in South India population
Makandar U.K,Ashwini Jadhav,Kulkarni P.R.,patil B G
Anatomy,Physiology and Biochemistry International Journal;3(2) volume 3 Issue 2-August 2017 Pg no1-3
7 AMorphometric study of occipital condyles and foramen magnum in adult skull base in western maharashtra region of india
Vishal Ramesh Jasuja, Prasad G. Kulkarni, Shabana M. Borate, Silky R. Punyani.
International Journal of Anatomy and Research 2016; 4(1): 1846-1850.
8 Umbilical Cord Length with Relation to Birth weight
Kankhare Sonali, Kulkarni Prasad
International Journal of Anatomy and Research 2018, Vol 6(4.3: ) : 5954-58.ISSN 2321-4287.
9 Cytogenetic Study in Couples with Primary Infertility.
Dr Rakhi More, Dr Shabana Borate, Dr Suresh Gangane.
Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research, Volume /04/Issue/01/pg 5644-5648/Jan 2016. ISSN (e)- 2347-176x.ISSSN (P) 2455-0450.
10 Multiple Cell Lines in a Short Stature Patient.
Dr Shabana Borate, Dr S.D.Gangane.
International Journal of Current Research.Vol. 8, Issue, 03, pp. 28179-28180, March, 2016. ISSN: 0975-833X
11 Cytogenetic Study in Females with Secondary Infertility.
Dr Rakhi More, Dr Milind More, Dr Shabana Borate, Dr S.D.Gangane.
Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research, Volume /04/Issue/08, Aug 2016. ISSN (e)- 2347-176x.ISSSN (P) 2455-0450
12 Sex Chromatin Study in Children with Disorders of Sexual Development.
Shabana Borate, S.D.Gangane.
Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research, Volume /06/Issue/03/ March 2018. ISSN (e)- 2347-176x.
13 Anatomical Study of Renovascular Variations: A Cadaveric Study from Central India.
Shweta Shambharkar, Tarkeshwar Golghate, Shabana Borate.
International Annals of Medicine, April 2018; Vol 12; Issue 4
14 A Study to correlate most common morphological abnormalities with female monosomy X ( Turner syndrome).
Shabana Borate, S.D.Gangane, Prasad Kulkarni
International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research. Nov 2018, Vol I, Issue 4. ISSN -2209-2870/2209-2862.
15 A human Cadaveric study on Incidence and Morphology of Anatomical Variations of kidney and Ureter with emphasis on its Embryological, Genetic and clinical significance.
Shweta Shambharkar, Shabana Borate, S.D.Gangane
Int. J. of Anatomy and Research 2018, Vol 6, ISSN-2321- 4287.
16 Study of anterior and posterior communicating arteries of circle of Willis by MR angiography: Dr Ashok Khade, Dr. Vaishali Bondge. GJRA-Global Journal of Research Analysis,Volume-6,Issue-11,November 2017,ISSN No.2277-8160,Pg 383-385.
17 Morphological study of spleen: Dr Ashok Khade, Dr. Vaishali Bondge. GJRA-Global Journal of Research Analysis,Volume-7,Issue-1,January 2018,ISSN No.2277-8160,Pg 390-392.
18 Study of diameter and variation of posterior cerebral artery by MR angiography: Dr Ashok Khade, Dr. Vaishali Bondge,. GJRA-Global Journal of Research Analysis,Volume-7,Issue-5,May 2018,ISSN No.2277-8160,Pg 142-144.
19 Variation in site of orgin of inferior phrenic arteries” original article
Prajakta Thete
Published in Indian journal of Anatomy , volume 6 , number 2, april- june 2017 , issn: 2455-622x
20 Published Books

  • Chapter on ‘Embalming’ in the book ‘Autopsy Practices’ by Dr D.S.Joshi


  • Textbook of Embryology for Undergraduates

Dr. Shabana Borate

  • Thieme Dissector . Vol 1, contributor for this Book – Dr. Shabana Borate
Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) LTD.
ISBN – 978-93-86056-16-0Thieme publisher. ISBN NO. 978-93-86293-19-0
Publication year 2018.
Thieme publisher 2016


Ongoing Research:
Sr.No. Particulars Timeline of the research Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1. DNA Profiling of ‘Y ‘ Chromosome in patient with male Infertility.
Dr Shabana Borate, Dr Prasad Kulkarni
2 years Yes
2 A Cadavdy of Pectrolis Major Muscle
Dr Pradnya Gurude
2 years Pending
3 Study of splenic artery diameter in western Maharashtra region –
Dr. Sachin Yadav,Dr.Anand Jamkar, Dr. Deepak Joshi.
2 years Pending
PG Dissertations:
Sr.No. Title of Dissertation Name of PG students Year of submission of dissertation Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1. MRI Evaluation of Degenerative Changes of Cervical Spine Dr. Ashwini Moolya 2016 Yes
Achievements of Department
Sr.No. Particulars
1 Gold Medal for Best Paper in Genetics awarded to Dr Shabana Borate in MAHACON IV September 2017.
Guest Lectures/ Faculty/ Other activities

  • Guest speaker for ‘ Organ Transplant Coordinator course’ by MUHS at SNDT on 30/1/2019 – Dr Deepak Joshi
  • Guest speaker ‘ Organ Donation’ National seminar on Advance Technology in Clinical Laborotory – at B.K. Birla College of Arts, science Kalyan.- Dr Deepak Joshi
  • Guest Speaker FOR ‘Anatomy of Foot ‘CME and Podiatry workshop, Footcon, December 2017.
  • Guest lecture on Organ donation – Internship Orientation Programme 2019 – Dr Deepak Joshi
  • Organ Donation Lecture at St. Peter’s Church Bandra on 15/4/2018- Dr Ashwini Jadhav
  • Body Donation lecture at Sant. Gadge Maharaj Ashram, St. George Hospital on 7/8/2018.- Dr Ashwini Jadhav
  • Body Donation Lecture at Hemraj High school and Junior College Borivalli on 119/10 2018
  • Organ Donation – A Gift for Life at K.J.Sommaya Medical Collge Mumbai in Organ Donation Awareness Week on 3/8/2018. – Dr Shabana Borate
  • Body Donation Lecture at ‘ Vidya Mandir Dahisar’ on 24th Augast 2018. – Dr Shabana Borate
  • Guest lecture of body & Organ donation given at Bhaiander, Mumbai on 19-3- 2016 – Dr Pradnya Gurude
  • Mahaarogya Shibir – Active participation of Dr Anant Shingare
  • Maharashtra Govt. CET work by Dr. Shabana Borate, Dr Sunil Pundge, Dr Rashmi Sinha, Dr Zeba Khan, Dr Sachin Yadav, DR. Prajakta Thete