Department of Pharmacology
Email ID:
Telephone number:
Direct number: 022 -23735555
Extension number: 2322
Staff details:
Sr.No. Name of the staff Designation Permanent/contractual Email ID
1 Dr. Dinesh Krishna Dhodi Associate Professor & Head Permanent
2 Dr. Hannan Abdul Gaffar Associate Professor (Adhoc) Permanent
3 Dr. Shyamal Ravindrakumar Sinha Associate Professor (Adhoc) Permanent sinharshyamal@gmail,com
4 Dr. Abhijeet Dinkarrao Joshi Associate Professor (Adhoc) Permanent
5 Dr. Arvind Punja Salve Assistant Professor Permanent
6 Dr. Amit Shrenik Mutha Assistant Professor Permanent
7 Dr. Akash Ashok Khobragade Assistant Professor Permanent
8 Dr. Amit Shashikant Beldar Assistant Professor Permanent
9 Dr. Komal Gawand Assistant Professor (Adhoc) Contractual
10 Dr. Shweta Sharma Assistant Professor (Adhoc) Contractual
11 Dr. Kamagonda Jalikar Assistant Professor (Adhoc) Contractual
12 Smt. Hemangi Amit Joshi Pharmacist. CL- II Permanent
13 Smt. Sudha J. Prabhu Lab. Technician Permanent
14 Shri Vikas Waghmare Lab. Technician Permanent
15 Mrs. Bharti Korgaonkar Lab.Technician Permanent
16 Shri Avinash More Lab.Assistant. Permanent
17 Shri Rajesh Joshi Lab.Assistant. Permanent
18 Shri Tukaram Khadgir Junior Clerk Permanent
19 Shri Satish Mankare Servant Permanent
20 Shri Sanjay Redkar Servant Permanent
21 Shri Ravindra Mahadik Servant Permanent
22 Smt.Sangeeta Jagtap Servant Permanent
23 Shri Rohan Waghmare Servant Permanent
24 Shri Shirish Jadhav Servant Permanent
25 Shri Khimji Solanki Sweeper Permanent
26 Shri Mahendra Solanki Sweeper Permanent
PG student details:
Sr.No. Name of Post-graduate Year (from-to) Email ID
1 Dr. Manasi Brid 2016-17 To 2018-19
2 Dr. Shiveshchandra Gupta 2016-17 To 2018-19
3 Dr. Sanket Gaidhane 2016-17 To 2018-19
4 Dr. Femina Dawer 2017-18 To 2019-20
5 Dr. Anushree Bhoir 2017-18 To 2019-20
6 Dr. Shashank Desai 2017-18 To 2019-20
7 Dr. Likith.H.V 2018-19 To 2020-21
8 Dr. Monisha Chavan 2018-19 To 2020-21
9 Dr. Rashmi Mahajan 2018-19 To 2020-21
Courses conducted for Students:
Sr.No. Courses conducted Number of students enrolled Batch (year of admission)
1 M.D. Pharmacology 09 Every Year 3 Students
2 M.B.B.S ( II Year) 200 2017-18
3 Modern Pharmacology 50 2018-19
4 B.P.M.T 12 2017-18
5 B.D.S ( II Year) 100 2017-18
6 Nursing 100 2017-18
Activities conducted for students by the Department:
Sr.No. Particulars Number of students who participated Students Batch
1 Seminar (PG) Total 60 09
2 Seminar (UG) 200 2017-18
3 Journal Club Total 60 09
4 Animal Experiments 09
5 State Level Pharmacology Quiz 10 2017-18
6 ICMR Research activity 06 2017-18
Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/Events organised by the Department in the last 3 years
Sr.No. Particulars Dates when organised
1. ICH – GCP Workshop 13/08/2018
Research Publications of last three years:
Sr.No. Title of the paper published Journal & Year of publication
1 Rohini Gambre, Akash Khobragade, Sadiq Patel, Sarita Jaiswar, Kiran Paripelli & Mansi Brid
An experimental study to evaluate the effect of single dose of clarithromycin and glibenclamide combination in comparison with monotherpy of clarithromycin and glibenclamide on blood glucose level in new zealand albino rabbit.
European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 2017, 4(5), Pg.400-406
2 Dinesh K.Dhodi, Sagar B.Bhagat, Ketaki C.Patil A Comparative study of thyroid status of patients on phenytoin, carbamazepine and valproate monotherapy. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology.March-April 2016/Vol 5/Issue 2.Pg.362-365
3 Abdul Hannan,Shyaml Sihna, Rashmi Sinha, Ganesh Kanchan, Effect of Tinospora cordifolia in chronic bronchitis patients. Journal of Evolution medical. Dental science Vol 6 /issue23/march 20,2017 page:1850-1857.
4 Abdul Hannan,Shyaml Sihna, S.Jamadar. Druguitilisation stydy of cardiac emergency patients in a tertiary care hospital Journal of Evolution medical. Dental science Vol 6 /issue23/april 20,2017 page:7418-7425
Kanchan GS, Hannan A, Mujeeb MMA,et al. Medical treatment of alcohol dependence.. Journal of evolution of research in medical pharmacology 2016, vol.2 issue 1, jan-june 2016; page 13-20
5 Mujeeb MMA, Salve AP, Kanchan GS.Comparative study of efficacy of different topical agents for controlling wound infections. Journal of evolution of research in medical pharmacology 2016; vol.2, Issue 2, July- December 2016; page: 1-4.
6 Mujeeb MMA, Salve AP, Jalikar K.Comparative analysis of efficacy and safety of losartan, olmesartan, telmisartan and valsartan in patients with hypertension. Journal of evolution of research in medical pharmacology 2016; vol.2, Issue 2, July- December 2016; page: 12-14.
7 Amit S Mutha, Vijay R Kulkarni, Amit S Beldar, Sadiq B Patel., “Use of Neuro-Psychiatry medicines in patients with sexual dysfuncion: a retrospective study. International Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 2017 Mar;6(3):563-567
8 Akash Ashok Khobragade, , Mrityunjay Prashant Khopkar, Sadiq Bapumiya Patel, Snehal Prabhu Kosale, Kamagonda Jalikar ‟An acute experimental study to evaluate the effect of gatifloxacin on blood sugar levels in diabetic and non-diabetic rabbits.” International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology July- August 2016 Vol 5 Issue 4. Pg 1509-1515
9 Akash Khobragade, , Mrityunjay P Khopkar, Sadiq B Patel, Snehal P Kosale, Kiran Paripelli ‟A study to evaluate the effect of gatifloxacin on blood sugar levels in diabetic and non-diabetic rabbits- a chronic prospective study.” European journal of pharmaceutical and medical research 2016, 3(7), 292-299
Ongoing Research:
Sr.No. Particulars Timeline of the research Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1. An analytical study to estimate the indicators of calcium metabolism and proteins in symptomatic patients attending RNTCP center of tertiary care hospital and evaluation of anti-tuberculosis treatment in newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis patients. Done
PG Dissertations:
Sr.No. Title of Dissertation Name of PG students Year of submission of dissertation Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 “Drug utilization study of drugs prescribed in post-angioplasty patients admitted in Cardiac Intensive Care Unit in a Tertiary Care Hospital”. Dr. Shiveshchandra Gupta 2016 Done
2 “A study of Drug Prescription pattern of Analgesics or Anti-inflammatory drugs in Orthopedic Outpatient Department at Tertiary Care Hospital”. Dr. Brid Manasi Prakash 2016 Done
3 A Prospective study to Monitor the Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) in the patients on treatment for Chronic Non-infective Respiratory Diseases attending Outpatient Department (OPD) of Pulmonary Medicine in a tertiary care teaching hospital. Dr. Sanket Gaidhane 2016 Done
4 To study the drug utilization pattern of drugs used in the patients of cerebrovascular events/accidents in a tertiary care hospital-An observational study. Dr. Femina Dawer 2017 Done
5 A Prospective observational study to assess the causality of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) reported with Antitubercular Drugs in a tertiary care hospital. Dr. Shashank A Desai 2017 Done
6 A study of Prescription pattern of Anti diabetic drugs Being prescribed to patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Medicine Outpatient Department at tertiary care hospital Dr. Anushree R Bhoir 2017 Done
7 Drug Utilization Study of various Antiretroviral Drugs in Patients with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) at a Tertiary Care Hospital Dr. Monisha Chavan 2018 Done
9 To study the Prescription pattern of drugs used for the treatment of Migraine in a Tertiary care hospital Dr. Rashmi Dilip Mahajan 2018 Done