Department of Pathology
Email ID:
Telephone number:
Direct number: 022-23735555
Extension number: 2277,2345,2492
Staff details:
Sr. No. Name of the staff Designation Permanent/
Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr.Grace D’Costa Prof. & HOD Permanent 9820307902
2 Dr.Sanjay.R. Bijwe Professor Permanent 9969980880
3 Dr.Purwa Rangrao Patil Professor Permanent 9822043206
4 Dr.Rahul.V.Taksande Professor Permanent 9323782918,
5 Dr.Arunkumar Shrikrishna Vyas Asso. Prof. Permanent 9323787971
6 Dr.Vijay Hari Juvekar Asso. Prof. Permanent 9869766350
7 Dr Kalpana A Deshpande Asso. Prof. Permanent 9967872606
8 Dr.Shubhangi Vinayak Agale Acad. Prof. Permanent 9987533498
9 Dr.Sushma N Ramraje Asso. Prof. Permanent 9892264572
10 Dr.Saroj Bolde Asso. Prof. Permanent 7875685555
11 Dr.Sudhir.R. Raghuwanshi Asso. Prof. Permanent 9870243337
12 Dr.Anita Kavatkar Asso. Prof. Permanent 9823049721
13 Dr.Vandana M. Sanklecha Asso. Prof. Permanent 9869304446
14 Dr.Vikas C.Maindad Asso. Prof. Permanent 9867798441
15 Dr.Shaheen H. Kanpurwala Asso. Prof. Permanent 8767111947
16 Dr.Rachana Swapnil Binayke Asso. Prof. Permanent 9987595300
17 Dr.Sanjay Gajanan Surase Asso. Prof. Permanent 9320385602
18 Dr.Bhavana Madhukar Bharambe Asso. Prof. Permanent 9898906747
19 Dr.Sameer Abdul Hamid Ansari Asst. Prof. Permanent 9322804424
20 Dr.Megha Kinake Asst. Prof. Permanent 9900561207
21 Dr.Arvind Rathod Asst. Prof. Permanent 8454845601
22 Dr.Shilpa Narayankar Asst. Prof. Permanent 8308824753
23 Dr Pratik Chide Asst. Prof. Permanent 9823060932
24 Dr Vivek Kharolkar Asst. Prof. Permanent 9769208275
25 Dr Snehal Chavan Asst. Prof. Permanent 9970379390
26 Dr Ashvini Natekar Asst. Prof. Contractual 9082360622
27 Dr Tamboli Sattar Asst. Prof. Contractual 7798620364
28 Dr Shilpa Mishra Asst. Prof. Contractual 8879060825
29 Dr Manisha Ahuja Asst. Prof. Contractual 7015894400
30 Dr Sanjana Ahuja Asst. Prof. Contractual 7987643709
31 Dr Shweta Watane Asst. Prof. Contractual 8087280293
32 Dr Disha Jalan Asst. Prof. Contractual 9699206383
33 Dr Pallavi Gulhane Asst. Prof. Contractual 8600289445
34 Dr Tausif Mulla Asst. Prof. Contractual 9987581822
35 Mr. Shashikant Surve Clerk cum Typist Permanent  
36 Mr. Sunil Ingle Photographer Permanent  
37 Mr. Gurunath Bodke Lab Technician Permanent  
38 Mrs. Shital Ramekar Lab Technician Permanent  
39 Mr. Sharad Nalavde Lab Technician Permanent  
40 Mr. Prakash Adivarekar Lab Technician Permanent  
41 Mrs. Ranjana Save Lab Technician Permanent  
42 Mrs. Shaileja Surve Lab Technician Permanent  
43 Mr. Keshav Solanki Lab Technician Permanent  
44 Mrs. Trupti Chile Lab Technician Permanent  
45 Mr. Vilas Sathye Lab Technician Permanent  
46 Mrs. Sonali Jagtap Lab Technician Permanent  
47 Mrs. Deepali Kadam Lab Technician Permanent  
48 Mr. Arvind Gosawi Lab Technician Permanent  
49 Mrs. Suchita Kirtane Lab Technician Permanent  
50 Mrs. Harshada Patil Lab Technician Permanent  
51 Mrs. Sandhya Gaikawad Lab Technician Permanent  
52 Mr. Dattatray Salunke Lab Technician Permanent  
53 Mr. Sanjay Titkare Lab Technician Permanent  
54 Mr. Navnath Gawand Lab Technician Permanent  
55 Mrs. Mrunal Yawalkar Lab Technician Permanent  
56 Mr. Rakesh Patil Lab Technician Permanent  
57 Mr. Amol Pandao Lab Assistant Permanent  
58 Mr. Santosh Khaire Lab Assistant Permanent  
59 Mr. Gangaram Choudhari Lab Assistant Permanent  
60 Mr. Santosh Kalambe Lab Assistant Permanent  
61 Mr. Vijay Gangavne Lab Assistant Permanent  
62 Mr. Maruti Malusare Lab Assistant Permanent  
63 Mr. Ashok Rokade Lab Assistant Permanent  
64 Mr. Subhash More Lab Assistant Permanent  
65 Mr. Ganesh Kalamkar Lab Assistant Permanent  
66 Mr. Ganpat Shinde Lab Assistant Permanent  
67 Mr. Satyavijay Dhuri Lab Assistant Permanent  
68 Mr. Bhau Burud Lab Attendant Permanent  
69 Mr. Ulas Mirashi Lab Attendant Permanent  
70 Mr. Kalidas Bane Lab Attendant Permanent  
71 Mr. Sunil Kadam Lab Attendant Permanent  
72 Mr. Vijay Padalkar Lab Attendant Permanent  
73 Mr. Vinod Shedge Lab Attendant Permanent  
74 Mrs. Reshma Jadhav Lab Attendant Permanent  
75 Mrs. Ranjana Karat Lab Attendant Permanent  
76 Mrs. Satyavati Ambare Lab Attendant Permanent  
77 Mr. Balasheb Saptal Ward Servant Permanent  
78 Mr. Naresh Kalamkar Ward Servant Permanent  
79 Mr. Shankar Gawde Ward Servant Permanent  
80 Mrs. Laxmi Varaskar Ward Servant Permanent  
81 Mr. Ashok Gaikawad Ward Servant Permanent  
82 Mrs. Varsha Kamble Ward Servant Permanent  
83 Mrs. Shindu Dhombe Sweeper Permanent  
84 Mrs. Kusum Pardhi Sweeper Permanent  
PG student details:
Sr.No Name of Post-graduate Year (from-to) Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr.Shweta Dhage 2016-2019 8422951417
2 Dr.Charu Sethi 2016-2019 8425885770
3 Dr.Ankita Nayak 2016-2019 8527719769
4 Dr.Sneha Chandwani 2016-2019 7506611835
5 Dr.Abhishek Sengupta 2016-2019 8422994889
6 Dr.Smita Ade 2016-2019 9821628661
7 Dr.Mayur Sonavane 2016-2019 9689639999
8 Dr.Varsha Wagh 2016-2019 9503721445
9 Dr Sarang Waghmare 2017-2020 9766915259
10 Dr Mayur Ambekar 2017-2020 8668878861
11 Dr Brizellda D’Cunha 2017-2020 8329020237
12 Dr Aniket Jadhav 2017-2020 8850856089
13 Dr Yamini Guttikonda 2017-2020 9971488986,
14 Dr Rajeshwar Bute 2017-2020 9021170789
15 Dr Mayank Sharma 2017-2020 8619192719
16 Dr Nivedita Kumar 2017-2020 7574924121
17 Dr Harshada Gavit 2017-2020 9594451829
18 Dr Manisha Badne 2018-2021 7972626860
19 Dr Lavanya Raghavan 2018-2021 9633809383
20 Dr Ruchika Chamaria 2018-2021 9800710211
21 Dr Nithika Menon 2018-2021 9591418652
22 Dr Neha Mathew 2018-2021 9947799663
23 Dr Sachin Raut 2018-2021 8668643768
24 Dr Prajakta Sakhare 2018-2021 7887971905
25 Dr Rajesh Mishra 2018-2021 9953440288
Services provided to the patients: Particulars Total number for year 2018
1 Histopathology 6096
2 PSPM/Autopsy 3411
3 Cytology 2290
4 Neuropathology 1051
5 Hematology 84513
6 OPD 7A 163483
Total 260844
Courses conducted for Students: Courses conducted Number of students enrolled Batch (year of admission)
1 MD PATHOLOGY 9 2018-19
2 MBBS 200 2018-19
3 PG DMLT 12 2018-19
4 B Sc. In Paramedical Sciences (BPMT) – Laboratory Technology 60 2018-19
5 B Sc. In Paramedical Sciences (BPMT) – Blood Transfusion 10 2018-19
Activities conducted for students by the Department: Particulars Number of students who participated Students Batch
1 IAPM Maharashtra State Pathology Undergraduate Quiz for Medical Students – Inter College 16 2018-19
2 IAPM Maharashtra State Pathology Undergraduate Quiz for Medical Students – State Level 12 2018-19
3 Lectures, Practicals, Tutorials,Microteaching, Revision Practicals, etc 200 UG(MBBS) and 82 Paramedical Students 2018-19
4 PG Activities, Slide seminars, Paper and Poster presentations,etc 26 PG (MD Pathology) All
Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/ Events organised by the Department in the last 3 years Particulars Dates when organised
1 International Paediatric CME 2016
2 Cardiovascular CME February 2016
3 National Autopsy Workshop 28 to 31 December 2016
4 Senior Surgical Slide Seminar January 2017
5 Senior Surgical Slide Seminar January 2018
6 Senior Surgical Slide Seminar January 2019
7 IAPM Maharashtra State Pathology Undergraduate Quiz for Medical Students – Inter College and State level August 2018
8 Teaching Pathologists Conference July 2016
9 Teaching Pathologists Conference July 2017
10 Teaching Pathologists Conference July 2018
Research Publications of last three years: Title of the paper published Journal & Year of publication
1 Idiopathic granulomatous hypophysitis: A report of an uncommon disorder.
By Dr Shubhangi Agale, Dr Rachana Binayake, Dr D’Costa
Indian J Pathol Microbiol 2018;61:389-92
2 An autopsy study of the histopathological spectrum of cardiac diseases in cases of sudden death.
By Shubhangi V. Agale*., Pragya Virendrakumar Jain., Grace F. D’Costa., Megha Kinake Pratik Chide
International Journal Of Current Medical And Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 4, Issue, 6(A), pp. 3428-3433, June, 2018.
3 The Histopathological Spectrum of Extracranial Germ Cell Tumors in a Tertiary Care Center of Western India.
By Agale SV, Tiwari AK, Bharti SS, Wagh V, D’Costa G
J Pathol Infect Dis 2018;1(1):1-4. [International] 2018
4 A study of evaluation of histopathological spectrum of lymph node lesions in a tertiary care centre.
By  Dr. Shubhangi V Agale, Dr. Mukund B Tayade, Dr. Rachana Binayake, Dr. Charu Sethi, Dr. Grace F D’Costa,.
Int J Medcal & Healt Research 2018;4:25-29. [International] 2018
5 Clinicopathological Study Of Gallbladder
By Dr K A Deshpande
Annals Of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine,Vol 5,Issue 5, May 2018 [Original Research Article] 2018
6 Fine Needle Cytology of Thyroid In a Tertiary Care Hospital
By Dr K A Deshpande
JMSCR Volume 06 Issue 06 05 May 2018
7 Castleman Disease: An Uncommon and Intriguing Condition Revisited: A Report
of Two Cases. By Dr. Grace D’Costa, Dr Shubhangi Agale, Dr Sushma Ramraje, Dr
Sameer Ansari
Annals of Pathology and
Laboratory Medicine, Vol.
5, Issue 1, January, 2018.
8 Papulosquamous Clinicopathological
By Dr Shilpa Narayankar
International Journal of
research medical sciences,
volume 6 no 1 .2018
9 Intra-operative squash cytodiagnosis of pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma : A
diagnostic challenge
by Dr. Grace D’Costa, Dr Shubhangi Agale, Dr Rachana Binayke
10 Primary gall bladder carcinoma: a retrospective clinicopathological study at a tertiary care centre in Mumbai.
Dr. Grace D’Costa, Dr Sanjay Surase, Dr Shubhangi Agale
World Journal of
Pharmaceutical and
Medical Research2017;3:146-151.
11 Primary localized vesical amyloidosis mimicking bladder carcinoma: A case report
by Dr Purwa Patil
Iran J Pathol.2016; 11(5):
12 Meningioma with the unique coexistence of secretory and lipomatous components: a case report with immunohistochemical study
by Dr Purwa Patil, Dr V H Juvekar
Indian Journal of Pathology
and Microbiology, 2017
volume 60, issue 3,page
13 Orbital rhabdomyosarcoma with anaplastic features
By Dr Purwa Patil
Indian Journal of Pathology
and Oncology, 2017
Volume 4 , issue 2, 2394-
14 Clinicopathological Study of Sinonasal Masses.
By Dr Shubhangi Agale
Annals Pathol Laboratory
Med, Vol. 4, Issue 3, May-
June, 2017. eISSN: 2349-
6983; pISSN: 2394-6466
15 Idiopathic scrotal calcinosis: cytodiagnosis of rare entity in two cases.
By Dr Shubhangi Agale, Dr Rachana Binayake
International Journal of
Contemporary Medical
16 Primary cutaneous actinomycosis of chin with Osseous metaplasia – a rare case report by Dr V H Juvekar, Dr Rachana Binayake International Research
Journal of natural and
applied sciences. 2017:4
(2), 33-37
17 A case series of congenital ovarian cysts in a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai, India
by Dr Saroj Bolde, Dr Bhavana Bharambe
Anals of Pathology and
laboratory Medicine, 2017,
volume 54, Page no 56-58
18 Cytodiagnosis of idiopathic calcinosis cutis – a rare diagnosis in three cases with review of literature
by Dr Rachana Binayke
Int J HealthSci Res; 7(4);
19 Diffuse large B cell lymphoma of submandibular gland in a seropositive case – a rare presentation.
by Dr Rachana Binayke
Int J Res Med Sci
20 A fatal case of Primary Osteogenic sarcoma of cervical spine: A rare entity.
by Dr Rachana Binayke
Journal of Medical science
and clinical research 2017,2455-0450.
21 Epidermal inclusion cyst of the thyroid gland: an uncommon entity
by Dr Rachana Binayke
Int J of curr res med sci
3(3): 72-75
22 Primary intracranial choriocarcinoma presenting as a ring enhancing lesion: A case report and review of literature
by Dr Rachana Binayke
Asian J of Neurosurg 2017:
12: 85-8
23 Unusual site of Rathke’s cleft cyst: A case report and review of literature.
by Dr Rachana Binayke
Asian J Neurosurg 2017:
12: 44-6
24 Idiopathic giant cell myocarditis: a report of two cases
By Dr. Anita Kavatkar
APALM,DOI: 10.21276/APALM.1705
25 Primary Peritoneal psammocarcinoma
By Dr K A Deshpande
Japan Society Of Obstrectics & Gynecology
Ongoing Research: Particulars Timeline of the research Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Causes Of Maternal Mortality With Its Pathological Correlation In Mumbai
by Dr Grace D Costa and Dr Brizellda D’ Cunha
2017-2020 Yes
2 Clinico-Pathological Spectrum Of Muscles Biopsy Disorders In A Tertiary Care Centre
By Dr Sanjay Bijwe and Dr Mayank Sharma
2017-2020 Yes
3 Surface Epithelial Tutors Of Ovary- A Clinical And Histopathological Study
By Dr Dr Purwa Patil and Dr Yamini Guttikonda
2017-2020 Yes
4 A Clinics-Pathological Analysis Of Nephrectomy Specimen  In Tertiary Health Care Centre
by Dr R V Taksande and Dr Aniket Jadhav
2017-2020 Yes
5 Utility Of Frozen Section Diagnoses In Female Genital Tract And Its Comparison With Histopathological Diagnosis
by Dr Sushma Ramraje and Dr Nivedita Kumar
2017-2020 Yes
6 Cyto-Morphological Spectrum Of Salivary Gland Lesions By FNAC
by Dr Rachana Binayke and Dr Mayur Ambekar
2017-2020 Yes
7 Evaluation Of Causes Of Pancytopenia With Its Clinical Correlation In Tertiary Health Care Hospital
by Dr Shaheen Kanpurwala and Dr Harshada Gavit
2017-2020 Yes
8 A Clinico-Pathological Study Of Endometrial Lesions In Post-Menopausal Women In Tetrary Health Care Centres
by Dr Vikas Maindad and Dr SarangWaghmare
2017-2020 Yes
9 Analysis Of Abnormal RBC And WBC And Platelets Histograms And Its Utility
by Dr Bhavana Bharambe and Dr Rajeshwar Bute
2017-2020 Yes
10 Historiographical study of nerve sheath tumors in a tertiary care hospital
By DR Sanjay Bijwe And Dr Lavanya Raghvan
2018-2021 Yes
By Dr Sushma Ramraje And Dr Rajesh  Mishra
2018-2021 Yes
By Dr Vandana Sanklecha And Dr Sachin Raut
2018-2021 Yes
13 Internal Quality Control in Blood Bank
By Dr Anita Kavatkar  And Dr Prajakta Sakhare
2018-2021 Yes
14 Histomorphological spectrum of breast carcinoma and it’s correlation with clinical radiological and immunohistochemical features: an institutional study
By Dr Purwa Patil And Dr Neethika Menon
2018-2021 Yes
15 Study of histopathological spectrum of lymph node biopsies :A descriptive study from a tertiary care centre in Maharashtra over 2 years
By Dr Shubhangi Agale And Dr Neha Mathew
2018-2021 Yes
16 Two year prospective histopathological study of placenta with clinical correlation
By Dr Sanjay Surase And Dr Manisha Badne
2018-2021 Yes
17 Histomorpholohgical study of lungs in adults at autopsy
By Dr Saroj Bolde And Dr Ruchika Chamaria
2018-2021 Yes
PG Dissertations: Title of Dissertation Name of PG students Year of submission of dissertation Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Role Of Silver Binding Nucleolar Regions In Benign And Malignant Breast Lesions Dr Snehal Kosale 2017-18 Yes
2 Fnac And Histopathological Correlation Of Benign Breast Lesion Dr Disha Jalan 2017-18 Yes
3 Clinicopathological Correlation Of NoninfectitiousPapulosquamous Lesions Of Skin Dr Pinkesh Gugaliya 2017-18 Yes
4 Cytohisto Correlation Of Soft Tissue Tumours In Paediatric Age Group. Dr Jay Juvekar 2017-18 Yes
5 Cytomorphologicalogical Profile Of Thyroid Lesions On Fnac-Study In A Tertiary Care Centre Dr Banasri Devi 2017-18 Yes
6 Spectrum Of Lesions In Brain And Their Histopathological Correlation – A Two Year Prospective Autopsy Study Dr Sanjana Ahuja 2017-18 Yes
7 Clinicopathological Correlation Of Pigmented Skin Lesions Dr Tosif Mulla 2017-18 Yes
8 Spectrum Of Skin Lesions In Paediatric Age Group Dr Naresh Deonikar 2017-18 Yes
9 Histopathological Study Of Neoplastic Lesions Of Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Dr Varsha Wagh 2018-19 Yes
10 Role Of Squash Cytology  With Comparison Of Clinical, Radiological And Histopathological Findings In Diagnosis Of Spinal Lesions In Tertiary Care Hospital Dr Shweta Dhage 2018-19 Yes
11 Clinicopathological Study Of Spectrum Of Renal Lesions In Adults At Autopsy Dr Charu Shethi 2018-19 Yes
12 Clinicopathological Study Of Macrocytic Anemia With Reference To Megaloblastic Anemia In Tertiary Care Centre. Dr Ankita Nayak 2018-19 Yes
13 Diagnostic Accuracy Of Imprint Cytology With Histopathological Correlation In Ovarian Tumours Dr Sneha Chandwani 2018-19 Yes
14 Clinicopathological Study Of Meningioma Dr Abhishek Sengupta 2018-19 Yes
15 Histomorphological Study Of Fallopian Tube Lesions Along With Clinicopathological Correlation Dr Smita Ade 2018-19 Yes
16 Clinico-Histopathological Correlation Of Endometrial Biopsies In Perimenopausal Women Dr Mayur Sonawane 2018-19 Yes