Department of Pulmonary Medicine
Email ID:
Telephone number:
Direct number: 022 23735555
Extension number: 2286
Staff details:
Sr.No. Name of the staff Designation Permanent/contractual Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr. N N Ramraje Professor & Head of Department Permanent 9323855101
2 Dr. J M Phadtare Professor (Regular Contract basis) Regular Contract basis 9833147811
3 Dr. P L Meshram Associate Professor Permanent 9323198298
4 Dr. V V Pujari Associate Professor Permanent 8380071830
5 Dr. R R Hegde Associate Professor(AD hoc) Permanent 9867215319
6 Dr. Jalil Parkar Assistant Professor (Regular Contract basis) Regular Contract basis 9820322667
7 Dr. Smita Agale Assistant Professor DSB 7738750317
8 Smt. Shewta Salunkhe Staff Nurse OPD Permanent 9867588516
9 Shri Nitin D Gaikwad Health Assistant Permanent 9769533593
10 Shri Pramod Bhojne Ward Boy Permanent 9004586422
11 Smt. Balamnai Raju Emba Ward Servant [Female]  Temporary 9167326320
12 Shri Naresh Mahida Sweeper Permanent 8169345545
PG student details:
Sr.No. Name of Post-graduate Year (from-to) Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr. Ganesh Nilpatrewar 2016-2019 9156100766
2 Dr. Ujjwal Mahulkar 2016-2019 9158454368
3 Dr. Laxmi 2016-2019 8422976594
4 Dr. Nisha Parveen 2017-2020 7063944410
5 Dr. Amol Dudhe 2017-2020 8668739867
6 Dr. Sanchit Mohan 2017-2020 8630132461
7 Dr. Rebekha Suba 2018-2021 9152056878
8 Dr. Mujahid Shaikh 2018-2021 9403863883
9 Dr. Gopal Kalbande 2018-2021 7021481693
10 Dr. Madhavan P 2018-2021 8104289042
11 Dr. Ravikumar 2018-2021 9503940430
12 Dr. Mansa Dash 2018-2021 9967043065
13 Dr. Jocelyne J 2018-2021 9152058238
14 Dr. Bhavitra C 2018-2021 7708813113
Services provided to the patients: Particulars Total number for year 2018
1 Pulmonary Function Test 3125
2 CardioPulmonary Exercise Test 215
3 Bronchoscopy 78
4 Sleep Study 54
Courses conducted for Students:
Sr.No. Courses conducted Number of students enrolled Batch (year of admission)
1 MD Pulmonary Medicine 3 2016
2 MD Pulmonary Medicine 3 2017
3 MD Pulmonary Medicine 8 2018
4 PhD Pulmonary Medicine 1 2017
Activities conducted for students by the Department:
Sr.No. Particulars Number of students who participated Students Batch
1 PG Activities All Residents doctors (JR-I, II, III) M.D Pulmonary Medicine
2 Clinical Posting  As per schedule II/I MBBS
3 Interns / Externs posting Elective internship posting Interns / Externs
4 U.G Lectures As per schedule MBBS
5 BPMT As per schedule BPMT
Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/ Events organised by the Department in the last 3 years
Sr.No. Particulars Dates when organised
1 RNTCP Sensitization March 2018
2 Internship Sensitization 12 February 2019
Research Publications of last three years:
Sr.No. Title of the paper published Journal & Year of publication
1  Study of inflammatory markers and BODE index in Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Lung India  2018
2 Study of Obstuctive Sleep Apnea in Type II Diabetes Mellitus Int. Jour of Biological & Medical Research 2018,
3 Correlation between Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma int Journal of Med & Biomedical Studies .2018
4 Serum fibrinogen level in COPD patients- A comparative study JMSCR:  2018
5 Serum CRP level in COPD patients- A comparative study Indian Journal of Applied Research:  2018
6 Study of Geriatric Tuberculosis at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital GJRA   2017
7 Study of OSA in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Journal of Medical Science & Clinical Research 2017
8 Bronchial challenge testing in mild to moderate asthmatics Indian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 2016
9 Primary drug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis in tertiary care center Global Journal for Research Analysis, 2016
10 Study of BODE index and its components with PO2 and PCO2 in patients with COPD, Internation Journal of advanced research. 2016
PG Dissertations:
Sr.No. Title of Dissertation Name of PG students Year of submission of dissertation Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Study of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in COPD Dr. Ujwalkumar Mahulkar 2018 Done
2 Study of FENO in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary  Disease & Bronchial Asthma Dr. Laxmi V 2018 Done
3 Study of Bronchial Artery Embolisation at Tertiary Care Center. Dr. Ganesh Nilpatrewar 2018 Done
4 Study of Correlation between clinical spirometric and radiological parameters in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Dr. Nisha Pareen 2019 Done
5 Study of serum Immunoglobulin E Levels and Pulmonary Function Tests in Smokers Dr. Amol Dudhe 2019 Done
6 Non Invasive ventilation in patients of acute respiratory failure-A study at tertiary care centre Dr. Sanchit Mohan 2019 Done
7 Study of Intersitial Lung diseases Dr. Mujahid Shaikh 2020 Done
8 Study of drug resistance in Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis Dr. Rebekah Subba 2020 Done
9 Study of Naso- Bronchial allergy at a tertiary care center Dr. Gopal Kalbande 2020 Done
10 Study of sleep related breathing disorders in Obesity Dr. Ravi Kumar 2020 Done
11 Study of treatment failure in Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Dr. Madhavan P 2020 Done
12 Study of allergen patterns in patients of bronchial asthma at a tertiary care center Dr. Mansa Dash 2020 Done
13 Correlation of COPD assessment test score with BODE index in stable COPD patients Dr. Jocelyn Joseph 2020 Done
14 Study of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in a tertiary care center Dr. Bavitthra C 2020 Done