Department of Blood Bank
Email ID:
Telephone number: 022-23735555
Direct number: 022-23739400
Extension number: 2238/2248
Staff details:
Sr.No. Name of the staff Designation Permanent/
Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr. R. V. Taksande Professor (HOD) Permanent 9323782918
2 Dr. A. N. Kavatkar Associate Professor Permanent 9823049721
3 Dr. D. D. Jalan Assistant Professor contractual 9699206383
4 Dr. A. P. Suryavashi Jr. Assistant Professor
(Deputation to GT hospital)
Permanent 9833703457
5 Dr. K. V. Kulkarni Jr. Assistant Professor Permanent 9833546260
6 Dr. G. A. Pachare Jr. Assistant Professor Permanent 9594956482
7 Dr. S. S. Thorat Jr. Assistant Professor Permanent 9987171621
8 Dr. Snehal  Kosale Medical Officer contractual 9702659922
9 Mrs. Mrunal Sohoni Laboratory Technician Permanent 9819595497                 —
10 Mr. D.S.Mane Laboratory Technician Permanent 9819362894                 —
11 Mrs. Gagandeep Kaur Laboratory Technician Permanent 9821346867
12 Mrs. Anuya Durve Laboratory Technician Permanent 9821505463
13 Mrs. Silviya Jecob Laboratory Technician contractual 9821140628                    —
14 Mrs. Ranjana Rewale Laboratory Technician Permanent 7738072599
15 Mrs. Aditi Kulkarni Laboratory Technician Permanent 9657716412
16 Mrs. Archna Rajpange Laboratory Technician Permanent 9869463288
17 Mrs. Sharda Vaidu Laboratory Technician Permanent 9870111706                     —
18 Mrs. Vanita Bhosle Laboratory Technician contractual 7588385362
19 Mrs. Sheetal Jadhav Laboratory Technician contractual 9769302227
20 Miss. Madhuri Nikam Laboratory Technician contractual 9820757907
21 Mr. D. V. Kadam Social Service Suptd. Permanent 9011521465
22 Mr. K. K. Surve Junior Clerk Permanent 9892213776
23 Mr. Aashish Pawar Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9503988705
24 Mrs. Neeha Pahuja Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9768042631
25 Mr. Sandeep Utekar Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9967704183
26 Mr. Rajendra Jadhav Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9930078020
26 Mr. Shreekant More Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9969396263
27 Mr. Kisan Kamble Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9702553236
28 Mr.Mathaji Suradkar Laboratory Assistant Permanent 9892024306
29 Mr.Mahendra Pawar Laboratory Assistant Permanent 8097021699
30 Mrs. Deepali Saliyan Counsellor contractual 9820743797
31 Mrs. Priya Jadhav Sister In-charge Permanent 9821946533
32 Mrs. Reshma Sawant Staff nurse Permanent 9920291688
33 Mr. Aditya Pawar Brother Permanent 8268081959
34 Mr. S. Achrekar Ward boy Permanent 9869442145
35 Mr. Maruti Rane Ward boy Permanent 8652192284
36 Mr. Suresh Padwal Ward boy Permanent 9594389904
37 Mr. Vishwas Kadam Ward boy Permanent 8976650953
38 Mr. S. Nalawde Ward boy Permanent 9167514174
39 Mr. Lalji Waghela Sweeper Permanent 8422096649
40 Mr. Naresh Waghela Sweeper Permanent 9769558993
PG student details:
Sr.No. Name of Post-graduate Year (from-to) Mobile number Email ID
1 Dr. Sneha Chandvani 2016 to 2019 7506611835
2 Dr. Aniket Mohan Jadhav 2017 to 2020 8850856089
3 Dr. Prajakta Prakash Sakhre 2018 to 2021 7887971905
Services provided to the patients:
Sr.No. Particulars Total number for year 2018
1 Whole blood 5738
2 HRBCC (Packed red cells) 392
3 Fresh frozen plasma 272
4 Platelet concentrate 250
Courses conducted for Students:
Sr.No. Courses conducted Number of students enrolled Batch (year of admission)
1 Internship, teaching of BPMT (Blood transfusion and Laboratory technology, OT technology) , DMLT.
2 MD Pathology residents training
3 MBBS students teaching
4 Orientation programmes for nursing students
Activities conducted for students by the Department:
Sr.No. Particulars Number of students who participated Students Batch
As above
Conferences/CMEs/ Workshops/Seminars/ Events organised by the Department in the last 3 years
Sr.No. Particulars Dates when organised
Research Publications of last three years:
Sr.No. Title of the paper published Journal & Year of publication
1 Role of guided fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of abdominopelvic masses . Journal of medical research and clinical science, volume 6, issue 8, page 310-316, August 2018.
2 A study of benign and malignant lesions in prostate in a tertiary hospital. Journal of medical science and clinical research vol 6, issue 8, page 1083-1090 August 2018.
3 SharadaRane, Anita Kavatkar, Almas Pathan, ShailaPuranik. Pituitary adenoma: A short illustrative review. Indian Journal of neurosurgery. DOI
ISSN 2277-954X.
4 Anita NeelkanthKavatkar*, Almas IqbalPathan and ShailaChandrakantPuranik Idiopathic Giant Cell Myocarditis: A Report of 2 Cases . DOI: 10.21276/APALM.1705

Ongoing Research:

Sr.No. Particulars Timeline of the research Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Ongoing dissertations. Yes
PG Dissertations:
Sr.No. Title of Dissertation Name of PG students Year of submission of dissertation Institutional Ethics Committee Approval Done or not
1 Ongoing dissertations. Yes